South East Asia Biggest Market!


Indonesia with over 250 million of population (40% of ASEAN population) is the biggest market in  Southeast Asia, even as one of 10 world biggest market.

Based on data released by the World Energy Council, Indonesia is ranked 69th of 129 countries in 2014.

Indonesia has 40% of geothermal energy worldwide.

Based on data from DEN, potential energy of geothermal in Indonesia is 28 910 MW, hydro power is 75,000 MW, and the biomass is 32 654 MW.

The Indonesia government plan the construction of power generation of 35,000 MW and build one million homes . The project consists of 291 plants, 732 transmission (75,000 sets of tower), 1,375 units of substations, 301 .300 km conductor aluminum, 2,600 sets of transformer, 3.5 million tons of steel. It will drive many industries development in Indonesia such as light industry, cable, transformer, electric substation and others.